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Sleeping Bunnies is a sleep consultancy and offers practical sleep advice from Anna Knight, Karlie Dell, Kristie Inglethorpe, Rachel Seaman and Rosy Butler.

All Sleep Coaches offer friendly sleep support that is tailored to the needs of each family and each individual situation. Everybody’s emotional balance is intrinsically linked to the healthy rhythms of waking and resting.
Sleep acts as a medicine for the human body, ensuring one has opportunity to repair and mend itself; sleep also allows physical growth, brain development and consolidates new experiences and learning.

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Great Reviews

Great Reviews

We guarantee that whilst using Sleeping Bunnies your response will always be an attentive one.
Expert Team

Expert Team

All Sleep Coaches offer friendly sleep support that is tailored to the needs of each family and each individual situation.
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On-Going Support

We offer a range communication tools to help with on-going support and regular check-ins.
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Meet The Team

Anna has gained broad and delicate experience as a teacher following the learning and development of children with Special Educational Needs.

This is where her interest in children’s sleep patterns began, as it became abundantly clear that disrupted sleep habits were the biggest obstacle to effective learning and development for children.

As a mother of three Anna has had to overcome the challenges that arise when trying to create balance and routine for her own family. Through Sleeping Bunnies, Sleep Coaches are able to support others in creating harmony at home through effective and simple sleep coaching techniques.

Meet The Team


Newborn Sleep And Feeding Workshop (Womb-3 Months)

A sleep and feeding workshop to support new and expectant parents prenatally and postnatally. The workshop covers. -

  • How to establish positive sleep habits
  • What does Newborn sleep look like
  • Normalising infant sleep
  • How to assist your little one to naturally self settle and when
  • How much sleep your Newborn baby needs
  • Feeding difficulties
  • How to establish a good feeding regime
  • Cluster feeding & growth spurts
  • Live Q & A
  • Sleep And Behaviour Workshop (18 Months-5 Years)

    A Sleep and Behaviour Workshop (18 months -5 years), offering practical tools and strategies to deal with behaviour and improve sleep. -

  • Addresses age appropriate sleep need and expectations
  • We will share a selection of tools to tackle bedtime battles
  • Strategies to assist with oppositional & challenging behaviour
  • How to create positive sleep habits
  • Suggestions around toileting and how to avoid it directly impacting sleep
  • Live Q & A
  • Improving And Optimising Sleep (4-8 Months)

  • How to minimise frequency of night wakings
  • How to promote positive sleep habits
  • How to support your baby during a nap transition
  • Sleep need and awake windows for your baby
  • How to tackle developmental milestones and other factors which impact sleep
  • Live Q&A
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